Download RV 1.2

You can download the latest Re-Volt v1.2 release from this page. Older releases are also provided for reference and testing purposes, but are however not recommended. When reporting any bugs, please make sure you're running the latest "alpha" release.

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For general help and FAQ, check the Help section below.

System Requirements

  • Re-Volt v1.2 update requires Re-Volt for PC already installed.
  • Standard Re-Volt system requirements apply to the new version.
Re-Volt v1.2 is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. It should also run in Linux under Wine.


Note: Re-Volt v1.2 is deprecated in favor of RVGL. We recommend you to try out our brand new, cross-platform port called RVGL. Visit the project page.
Please note: The 1.2a version available here for download has undergone years of continuous development since the initial "beta" release and has introduced significant changes with a massive list of new features and game-modes. These changes are likely not documented or even mentioned on this website. You can get to know about these changes by checking the changelog and detailed documentation in the "readme" file.
Older builds can be found here. For testing purposes only!

Re-Volt v1.2
Click here to download

changelog | doc


Just download and run the setup executable. The setup should automatically detect your Re-Volt installation, otherwise click Browse and navigate to the folder where you have Re-Volt installed. This is usually C:\Program Files\Acclaim Entertainment\Re-Volt on a 32-bit system unless it was changed when installing Re-Volt.

Always remember to make sure the correct folder path is set during installation.


Some commonly experienced Re-Volt errors and their solutions are given below:

Can't Connect to Lobby Session:

When trying to play online you don't see any sessions, get a black screen or the above error. This happens if your network connection is being blocked by your Firewall or Router.

  • The following ports should be forwarded in your Router for both Inbound and Outbound connections:
    • TCP 47624, 2300-2400
    • UDP 47624, 2300-2400
    These ports should be opened to your PC's internal IP address, which should be set up as static.
    For more information and help, click here.
  • You should turn off your firewall or add revolt.exe to the exception list in Windows Firewall or any other Firewall software you might be using.
  • If you have a Firewall built inside your Router, you should turn it off or configure it to allow Re-Volt through it.

Settings not saved:

Your game progress and settings are not saved or you might get a "Failed to create record file" error. This happens when Re-Volt doesn't have permission to write the settings and progress files. Installing the latest 1.2a release should automatically fix this problem as the installer setup will set the requisite permissions.

Resolution capped to 1280x1024:

If you are unable to select a video resolution above 1280x1024, you might have set Windows 98 Compatibility mode for the revolt.exe file. Older versions of Re-Volt had required Compatibility Mode to run properly, but this is no longer required with the new update. To turn off Compatibility Mode, follow these steps:

  • Right click the revolt.exe file in your Re-Volt directory and go to Properties.
  • In the Properties window, click on Compatibility Tab.
  • Make sure the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" checkbox is unchecked, and click OK.

Keyboard inputs stop working intermittently:

Make sure that the "lock" keys (CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock) are off before starting Re-Volt and avoid pressing these keys when Re-Volt is running. The "lock" keys, when on, were found to cause problems with Re-Volt, especially in Windows Vista and 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Re-Volt?

There is currently no way to purchase Re-Volt for PC as the current publishers have shown a lack of interest in making it available. Though we had reached out to the publishers in getting this title back on shelves, there has been no recent response from them worth mentioning. The current situation regarding Re-Volt and the difficulties in releasing it is being discussed for quite some time in this thread.

Is this a sequel / modern remake of Re-Volt?

No, Re-Volt v1.2 is simply an update for the original game, built from the same source. The patch aims at fixing most bugs and adding new improvements and extensions for developing rich user content. We're also bringing missing game-modes and content from various Console versions of the game such as 4-player split-screen and alternate sound tracks.

Where can I get tools and custom content for Re-Volt v1.2?

The Resources page is a good place to start. Coming soon.

Can I install v1.2 without running the setup executable?

Yes, if you have 7-Zip installed. You can open the setup file using 7-Zip and extract the files manually to your Re-Volt folder. Do note that this workaround is for advanced users only. You should properly run the setup executable so that the correct file permissions and registry keys are set.

When can we expect the next update?

When it's ready. :) In fact, as you can read from the announcement in the front page, we're working on a totally revamped, cross-platform port of Re-Volt which will likely take the better part of our time. However, we still provide support and updates for the current v1.2 patch, so a new update could be just around the corner...