v1.2 Update

The latest official Re-Volt v1.2 release can be downloaded from here. Older releases will not be available for download. Official releases are mostly bi-weekly or monthly.

If you want to try out the latest features as soon as they are implemented, you can subscribe to the project as a beta-tester to have unofficial releases or "nightly builds" sent to you by email. Beta-testers may report any bugs and help in the development of the new version. Please note that your help will be valuable to us.

For a full list of features and big fixes in the current release, check the Features section. For Help and FAQ, check the Help section.

System Requirements

  • Re-Volt v1.2 update requires Re-Volt for PC already installed.
  • Standard Re-Volt system requirements apply to the new version.
  • These system requirements are subjective to change as the development progresses.
Re-Volt v1.2 is fully compatible with all Windows systems, including Windows Vista and Windows 7. It should also run in Linux under Wine.


Re-Volt v1.2 Beta
Click here to download
Change log

Alpha Builds

Before you try these newer Work-In-Progress builds, be sure to download and install the latest official beta release from above first! Also note that these builds are for testing purposes only.
Release Download Change Log
rv1.2a14.0208 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a13.0820 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a13.0815 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a12.1225 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a12.1102 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a12.0815 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a12.0802 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a12.0405 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a12.0107 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a11.1215 Click Here Click Here
rv1.2a11.0825 Click Here Click Here


Extract the contents of the zip archive to the folder where Re-Volt is installed and overwrite existing files. This is C:\Program Files\Acclaim Entertainment\Re-Volt by default unless it was changed during installation. Windows Vista/7 users might need administrator privileges to do this.

Since not all WolfR4 features are ported into v1.2 yet, you might still want to use both WolfR4 tool and v1.2 patched Re-Volt. WolfR4 is compatible only with Re-Volt v1.1 with the 1207 patch applied. If you want to run WolfR4 and v1.2 side-by-side, just follow these simple instructions: How can I use v1.2 and WolfR4 side-by-side.

Re-Volt v1.2 does not modify any system settings. To stop using v1.2, just download and install any older patch and overwrite v1.2 files. v1.1 1207 can be downloaded from here.