The Development Team

These Re-Volt updates are brought to you by a small team of developers led by Huki and jigebren. Any questions and queries regarding Re-Volt can be sent to us through email (our email address can be found at the bottom of this page).


We started this ambitious project sometime around 2010 with the goal of providing compatibility fixes to make the game run on modern OS and hardware. For this purpose, we back-ported the Xbox Live version of Re-Volt to run on the PC. Although the XBL version was never finished, the codebase was made available to the Re-Volt community through a generous member of the dev team. Below is a snapshot of an old article from the XBL forums:

Farewell to Re-Volt

Published January 8, 2003

It is now time to bid farewell to our old friend Re-Volt. This simple RC racer was the very first Live-enabled game in North America, and continues to be the game of choice for launching Xbox Live in new regions. It was a great little game, and it served us well. Re-Volt was a real workhorse for Xbox Live. Before it was even ready to see the light of day in the Technical Beta, it was being used to demo the Live Service to Microsoft execs and the Press. The game may not have been polished, but Re-Volt still managed to get the message across of what we were trying to do, and how very cool the service was going to be.

"Not sure how much longer Re-Volt will be supported! Could today be the last day? C'mon all you beta testers, let's go for another spin in the Botanical Garden..." —posted by Spudboy in the Xbox Live Forums

From the first moment that people here at Xbox strapped on prototype communicators and popped in the first Re-Volt discs, we knew we had something extremely cool. The hallways were filled with the sounds of smack talk, screeching tires, and revving engines. Who would have thought you could take a simple RC racing game, add online competition and voice communication, and come up with a completely different, completely compelling game?

Penny Butler, Program Manager for the Technical Beta remembers, "After weeks of harassing J [Allard] to get online with his beta kit and play some Re-Volt, he finally complied. He swung by my office with his eyes on fire. 'Oh my God, this is FUN!' Well, duh. Oh yeah … J also got his butt kicked by some 13 year old in California."

And though we know Re-Volt was not a perfect game, we all owe it a debt of gratitude. Because all those great Live features that you know and love today were first tested with Re-Volt. But now its time has come to an end. If you spent any time racing a little car through the supermarket or over the decks of a sinking ship, talking trash and trying like anything to cross the finish line first, consider yourself lucky.

From all the beta testers and gamers who took it for a spin, thanks Re-Volt. You will be missed.

Since then the project has significantly evolved from its original goal and the v1.2 patch now provides a more polished and extended version of the original game...