Welcome to the RV 1.2 home page!

Re-Volt is a classic R/C racer released for PC and Consoles in 1999. It was noted for the realistic physics and stunning graphics for its time. Since then, the game has continued to attract an active fan following with several new community-made tools and a great variety of fan-made content. The v1.2 patch is a brand new update for the PC version that is aimed at adding new features and improvements, bug fixes and additional content.

Have suggestions, ideas or bugs to report? Contact us through email or visit our forum boards. There is a dedicated section in the forum board for discussions related to the v1.2 patch. You can find it here. This should be your first stop in case there are any bugs to report or suggestions to provide.
Announcement: There is a new project in the works that aims to port Re-Volt to modern, cross-platform code utilizing OpenGL, OpenAL Soft, SDL and ENet. We intend to deliver a faithful port of the original game (plus all the cool features of the v1.2 patch!) that runs natively on Windows and GNU/Linux. We're already planning to open this new version for beta-testing and we invite you to join us. Learn more by visiting the dedicated project page.

What's New in v1.2

  • Full support for all Windows OS including XP, Vista and 7.
  • Wide screen and multi-monitor support.
  • Anisotropic Texture Filtering, improved display and font.
  • Support for International Keyboard Layouts.
  • Added new language: Dutch (Nederlands) - translated by R6TE.
  • Customizable Content: per-car box art, per-level MP3 audio, unlimited number of cars and levels.
  • Fixed bug with shockwave disappearing quickly in some PCs (mostly seen when running in windowed mode).
  • Fixed timer roll-over bug, Vista/7 related bugs, crashes, key-press conflicts, camera glitches.
  • Changes made to audio / video options are reflected immediately.
  • Faster, optimized loading, silent loading and much more...

Wide Screen

One of the most sought-after features in this release is the addition of aspect ratio correction and full support for wide screen resolutions. It's also possible to select resolutions up to 2048x2048 and Re-Volt can enumerate and display up to 256 display modes. Changes made to the video settings take effect immediately upon exiting the menu - whether from the Frontend main menu or the in-game menu. We've also added support for Anisotropic Texture Filtering (enabled by default).

Many graphics cards allow creating custom resolutions of any width and height which makes it possible to run Re-Volt at any wide aspect. For example, by creating a custom 2.39:1 resolution such as 1200x500x32 and turning on aspect-ratio scaling in your graphics card, you can create a cinematic effect. Even if your graphics card does not support creating custom resolutions, you can still force an aspect ratio for all resolutions, using the -aspect command line (for advanced users only).

You can also bring the game Panel or HUD closer to the center of the screen using the Center HUD option. You can find this option in menu Options -> Video Settings -> Render Settings.
Be sure to turn off Compatibility Mode to be able to select resolutions higher than 1280x1024.

Keyboard Layouts

This release comes with better and more complete support for international keyboard layouts. This is most useful for multi-player chat messaging, and it comes along with other great multi-player related features.

  • Added many missing characters and new characters and diacritics.
  • Shifted and AltGr characters such as the Question Mark can be typed correctly.
  • The keys in the Number Pad can now be configured for in-game controls.
  • Keyboard auto-repeat support.

This screenshot shows some of the newly added characters, and also demonstrates the new multi-player Waiting Room (Click on it to enlarge). You can keep pressing Escape or Back button from the Waiting Room to reach the Options menu without disconnecting from a session. In case the host starts the game while you were changing options, your game will start once you finish configuring options and come back to Waiting Room.

Car Box Art

Re-Volt now supports the use of a unique car box art for each user-made car. This way, car designers may include a box-art along with their car for display. No configuration is required from the user. As a demonstration you can download the f1-08 car by MOH, with the added car-box by clicking here.

To include a box-art image with a car, just add a TCARBOX line in the car Parameters file. Car designers also have the option to make their car backward compatible, so that older Re-Volt versions trying to read the new parameters will not report an error.

CD Audio

This update still supports playing the original music tracks from the Re-Volt CD! We've even fixed freezes during audio track change. If you've started Re-Volt without the CD in drive, don't worry. Once you insert the CD, Re-Volt will automatically detect and play music after the next level load. However, if you're too impatient, you can just go to Options -> Audio Settings and toggle In-Game Music off and back on to manually detect the CD and start playing it immediately.

The new release also provides per-level MP3 Audio support. This can be used by level designers to add an MP3 audio file to their level. More information on this can be found in the readme.

Silent Loading

We have included some new command line options, mainly related to loading. Re-Volt's loading system can be unstable with multi-core processors, and as a temporary fix, we have forced the game to run on a single processor only. The command line -forceallcores can be used to force the game to run on all processors. This can be used in conjunction with the command line -sload, to disable the loading screen display or load silently. In this case, running on all processors causes no problems. The command line -nointro is also provided, which will let you skip the splash screens at the start of the game.

It is also possible to temporarily force some common settings using command lines. These forced settings will not be permanently saved. You can find more information about these command lines in the readme.


We hope you enjoy this update!